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Composed Salads Menu

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A composed salad in France is a work of art—satisfying not only the eye but also the palate. Freshness, color, texture and taste create the perfect salad, which is only enhanced by a slice of good baguette and a glass of Rosé or nice dry, minerally French White Wine.

In France, knowing the name of the salad equals knowing what is in the salad itself. Since these composed salads represent different regions of France, the specialty of that region shines through the ingredients.
These salads are large enough to enjoy as a main course or great to share. So fasten up your seat belts and let’s start the Tour de France—salade style.


Salade Limousin

The Limousin is part of the beautiful southwestern French Countryside, known for their Limousin beef. This salad features slices of roast beef, salade de Pomme de Terre or French Potato Salad with cornichons and haricot verts tossed with whole grain mustard vinaigrette. Roasted red beets, crumbled blue cheese, walnuts and mixed field greens finish up this exquisite salad. $18.50

Salade Provençal

Provence is home to world-renowned lavender fields, rolling vineyards and olive groves. Its salad boasts three discs of goat cheese on baguette slices toasted, then drizzled with honey, roasted beet salad, walnuts and chickpeas provençal with mixed greens, haricot verts and a tasty olive mix. $17.50

Salade Niçoise

Nestled in the French Riviera, the city of Nice has olives so
famous this salad is named after them. Our salad has baby greens, oil-packed tuna, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, haricot verts, boiled potatoes, housemade croutons for crunch and, of course, plenty of Niçoise olives. A classic! $17.50

Salade Camargue

The Camargue is in the delta region of the Rhone River in southern Provence. This region is known for its rice, sea salt, paella and cowboys on white horses herding black bulls. This salad features an Orzo Salad with assorted peppers, black olives and other fresh summer vegetables and our chickpeas provençal. Boiled egg wedges, oil-packed tuna with capers, a sprinkle of feta cheese and baby spinach complete this delicious salad. Suzette’s Balsamic Vinaigrette is highly recommended. $18.50

Salade Lyonnaise

Historic Lyon inspires this salad that features steamed asparagus, hard boiled eggs, sliced potatoes with herbs, bacon and diced Comté cheese, housemade croutons and baby greens with plenty of arugula topped with a soft-poached egg. $18.50

Salade Parisienne

The real Tour de France ends in Paris, as does our list of French Composed Salads. This salad features boiled ham, slices of Comté cheese, wedges of hard-boiled eggs, sliced fresh mushrooms, boiled potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce. Our salad dressing of choice is Green Goddess, but it is your choice (see dressings, below). $17.50

Salade Périgourdine

Oh the Périgord. The land of duck, foie gras and truffles! Comfort food at its best. This beautiful composed salad has a slice of our housemade paté, slices of smoked duck breast, cornichons, a round of goat cheese on toasted baguette, red onion marmalade, walnuts and mixed baby greens. The dressing of choice is our housemade red wine vinegar
with Dijon mustard, olive oil and walnut oil.

Salade Dressings

Choose from our savory dressings:
» Suzette’s Balsamic Vinaigrette with Olive Oil
» Green Goddess
» Housemade Red Wine Vinegar with Walnut Oil
» Yellow Tomato Vinaigrette



Order your Salade Composée today—call 630.462.0898.


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