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A Summer Dream--Provence


Wed., May 17 | Instructor: Jean True
It is Summer and we all should be in Provence. But we are not so let's pretend for an evening and enjoy the fresh, simply prepared foods of this beloved region. What is so wonderful about the food of Provence is the influence of the countries surrounding this part of France. From the south there is Morocco. From the east there is Italy. So our menu today comes from the heart of Provence revealing these influences.
Vichyssoise -- hot or cold delicious on a hot summer day, Chicken Tagine -- a Moroccan stew using spices filled with warmth and mystery, and for dessert, Lemon Mousse Roulade -- Fresh Sicilian Lemons in a light mousse surrounded by a feather light cake roll. Everything light, flavors that are bright and an evening to dream...about Provence. P.S. This would make a great Mother's Day gift for Mom's who love to cook and Mom's who love to eat!

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